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DVD EquipmentMasteringSound Advice combines state-of-the-art equipment with real-world experience to make the most out of your original material, whether it comes from your own digital file, CD/DVD, MiniDisc, DAT, reel-to-reel or audio cassette. We specialize in the restoration of "legacy" recordings.

DVD Authoring From simple menu screens to the most complex interactive user experience, Sound Advice can design and encode the perfect menu structure for your DVD asets (video, audio, images, documents, etc.)DVD Image

CD/DVD Duplication/ Replication We can create the most cost-effective copies by offering both duplication and replication. To discover the difference and decide which is best for your project, click here.

Packaking SampleImprinting Sound Advice offers direct-to-disc printing from single color to full color. Hand-applied, full-color paper labels are also available.

Packaging Check out our wide assortment of printing and packaging solutions with options to fit every budget.